Naghshe Jahan Pars Hydraulic Company was successful in the invention of guillotine stone (stone scissors) in 2011. The first device in the world was produced in Iran and registered according to license 24/5/2012. This is an automatic device are designed and built in high efficiency and safety for users in this field. The production is exclusively owned by Pars hydraulic.Pars Hydraulic so far been able to provide services to many customers.Like Aerospace industries, Military industry,gaz soozan company,Zarif Mosavar Fulling,Raja Petrochemical, Goldsmith of Tehran,Isfahan,Yazd and Kermanshah.Also different tire companies. Hydraulic Pars won the Grand Award golden cup in Madrid Spain, as innovation and quality of the products.

white cogwheel First intelligent Stone Press Scissors proprietary manufactures

white cogwheel Inventing and building the world's first stone Guillotine Press

white cogwheel The award-winning innovation and superior quality products golden cup Madrid, Spain

white cogwheel Manufacturing of presses and hydraulic jack